Internal combustion Forklift Pneumatic Tyre


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Strength, reliability and low cost of operation for heavy-duty lifting.

  • Reliable and robust engines
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Innovative operator compartment
  • Easy to service
  • Isolated powertrain

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Efficient, dependable and simple to service.

Designed for high intensity applications, the H6.0-8.0FT series provides continuous strength and reliability particularly where front-end attachments are needed. With diesel or LPG engines included within the series, these tough, dependable machines are available with Fortens, Fortens Advance and Fortens Advance+ configurations.

Available on the PSI 4.3L engine and the Kubota 3.8L high output turbo diesel engine, Hyster® Variable Power Technology™ provides adjustable performance modes that allow customers to maximize productivity or fuel economy to fit their specific application requirements.

With selectable performance modes, the H6.0-7FT series can be tailored to achieve a balance of enhanced performance and superior fuel economy, or to boost productivity during peak business periods when moving more loads is integral to the success of your operation.